Review: Zensah Compression Sleeves


Zensah Compression Sleeves literally changed the way I view running.

That statement is not a paid endorsement by the company. I am not receiving any sort of kick back for those word. That’s the 100% truth. Before using Zensah Compression Sleeves I had run for about a year and a half. In that time I ran 3 Half Marathons, a Spartan Race, Triathlon, Duathlon, countless 5K’s, The Broad Street Run, a 15K and bunch of 10K’s. So needless to say I have put my legs through some wars. I always looked at recovery as something you just sucked up and did. For me it was normal to have a hard time walking after a major race.

My recovery period was always the same before Zensah. Get home, put my feet up and hope the pain went away. Depending on the race usually in a day or two I would be pain free. With Zensah this is not the case. After running some long runs I would still put my feet up, but this time I would be wearing my compression sleeves. Depending on the length of the run would depend on how long I wear them. 5-7 miles, probably wear them a few hours post run. 10+ miles, sometimes I would wear them to bed.

Either way, by the next day I was pain free! My legs felt great and the struggle with walking was gone. While I was wearing them I could tell my legs were recovering faster. While they were on I stopped walking around the house like a 95 year old with a hip replacement. I was able to move around the house with limited pain.

To this day I have only worn the sleeves for recovery only and have not worn them during a race. I find the recovery period is where I need help the most. And with only one pair I do not want to sweat in them and keep them on for hours after the race. However the second pair is in the mail and I am looking forward to wearing them both during and after the race.

Either way I do not know how I ever competed in these runs for the year and a half that I did without them. Trust me, if you are just starting out running, don’t wait as long as I did. Or if you have never tried Zensah before, give them a shot. I promise you that you won’t be upset you did.

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