Win One Of Five Bibs To The Broad Street Run! has five free bibs to the Broad Street Run up for grabs for you to win! The contest is pretty simple, just enter your “Why I Run” story for a chance to win. In 150 words or less they want to hear the story on why you run.

But hurry, the contest ends on April 7th. Enter below!

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One thought on “Win One Of Five Bibs To The Broad Street Run!

  1. “You should run Broad Street,” my friend Chathem told me. “Ok,” I agreed. I despised running, but there was something about the accomplishment of completing a distance of 10 miles that drew me in. Perhaps it was watching my dad complete Broad Street in the old stadium when I was a child, or simply a need to finish something that seemed impossible. 3 years later I’ve now crossed 2 Broad Steet finish lines and have 6 half marathon medals hanging in my room. Why I run has become an ongoing need to outdo myself, to show my children that you can do hard things, the way to care for my physical and mental health, the thing I do for myself as a homeschool, stay-at-home mom, a way to connect with other running friends and family. I’m so grateful I said yes to something I thought I would hate, because running has changed my life.

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