How To Have Your Best Race In The Rain


Back in 2016 the Philadelphia Broad Street Run experienced some pretty intense rain. At the time the premier weather personality in Philadelphia and very successful runner (or how she is more commonly known: Cecily Tynan) listed tons of awesome running tips for the upcoming rainy race. You can see the post here.

It was quite lengthy, so we thought it would be important to point out the main points:

  1. Wearing a trash bag with a hole cut in for your head is an inexpensive & disposable way to stay dry during the race (or even just for the pre-race lineup.) Or, you can go “high-brow” and wear a disposable rain poncho you can buy at Walmart for 97 cents
  2. A water resistant brimmed hat keeps heavy rain out of your eyes. I prefer a running-specific hat that isn’t too bulky.
  3. Think tight, thin layers: Lightweight layers are a good way to go (outside water-resistant, inside should be tight-fitting, technical & moisture-wicking.) Compression shorts will chafe less than regular running shorts, so wear those instead or under running shorts.
  4. Lube up! Even on dry days, a 10 miler can leave you chafed in, um, unmentionable places. Body glide is your friend. Use it! And, guys, consider nip guards or band aids for your nipples (remember, it’ll be chilly.)
  5. Ban cotton, especially socks: Cotton shirts get wet and heavy and cotton socks will absorb water like a sponge, creating blisters & soggy, heavy feet. Thin, tight technical socks are best
  6. Don’t overdress: Sure, it will be wet with temperatures in the 50s, but it won’t be freezing. The rule of thumb is to dress for running like it is 15-20 degrees warmer. That still applies on a rainy day.
  7. Watch your footing: Roads can get slippery in the rain, especially painted lines & manhole covers. Avoid them. Shortening your stride also helps.
  8. Dress dark: Light colors tend to get see-through when wet. Unless you’re an exhibitionist, steer clear of the white tanks, jog bras and shorts. Nobody wants to see that.
  9. Have dry clothes, a rain jacket & shoes at the finish line: Once you finish the race, you will be very cold standing around in wet clothes.

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