Broad Street Run Transfer Process

Now that the bib transfer process has begun we wanted to highlight the process to make it easier for those looking to transfer.

Two different transfer options are available. Both are suitable for those who are unable to participate in the 2017 race.

  1. The transfer program. This will let you give up your registration to a friend or colleague.
  2. The deferral program. This will let you give up your registration in exchange for a guaranteed slot in the 2018 race.

The Transfer Program

It’s important for all runners to note that the race must have the proper information of the person that will be running in the race so that, if a medical emergency occurs, the proper family or emergency contact is notified and proper medical treatment can be administered in a timely manner. 

Transfer To Another Runner

The Broad Street Run is allowing accepted runners who cannot participate in the race to transfer their registration to other runners. The transfer period will close on April 15 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Please note that all transfers must be completed by that time. Transfers that are “in process” when the deadline is reached cannot be guaranteed. No transfers will be allowed after the close of the transfer period and there are no refunds.

Transfers are initiated by registered runners seeking to transfer their numbers. Upon clicking the link below, the individual transferring a number will be taken to a Transfer Number Form, which he/she will complete and submit. Once this form is submitted, the sender will be emailed an electronic transfer code within a few minutes. This code should be sent to the recipient of the transferred number. The recipient must use the code and complete a race application within 72 hours of the time when the code was issued to the sender. The code becomes void after 72 hours.

The transferee (the person accepting the transferred registration) will pay a transfer fee of $15.00 when he/she completes the application for entry into the race. The registration of the sender will be dropped from the race. If the person transferring the entry wishes to recoup what he/she paid to enter the race originally, he/she is responsible for collecting the entry fees directly from the transfer recipient. The person making the transfer agrees not to charge more than the original entry fee.

Transfer Rules

  1. Who can transfer: Anyone who is registered for the 2017 race, with the exception of those who were granted Veteran Status after the lottery closing.  Those who elected to have their packet mailed must complete their transfer by March 31st.
  2. Person receiving transfer will be charged a $15.00 transfer fee.
  3. The Blue Cross Broad Street Run does not permit the charging of fees over the standard entry fees for each event for a transferred registration. Overcharging will cause offenders to be banned from future races.
  4. Posts offering or seeking numbers at fees in excess of the standard entry fee are subject to removal from the bib transfer message board.
  5. The transfer program will close at April 15 at 11:59 p.m. EDT

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 10.02.46 AM.png

The Deferral Program

If you’re no longer able to participate in the 2017 run, you may elect to defer your entry to a guaranteed entry into the 2018 race. IMPORTANT: You will not be refunded your 2017 registration fee and will be required to pay the 2018 fee.  All participants who defer for 2017 will be provided instructions on how to register race prior to the opening of registration for 2018.  Those who elected to have their packets mailed to them cannot defer their entry after March 31, 2017.

Click here if you can not participate in the 2017 race and would like to defer your entry (receive a guaranteed entry) into the 2018 race.

The deferral program will close on April 27, 2017

Looking to transfer your bib? Feel free to email us directly at

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