Here’s The 2017 ODDyssey Half Medal… and it’s Spectacular

The ODDyssey Half Marathon is one of this blogs favorite race. While the hill at the end of the run may scare some, we feel it is a great way to remember running 13.1 miles over Philadelphia streets.

What makes the 2017 race even more exciting, the new medal design! Designed like a traditional historic sign that you would see throughout Pennsylvania, this medal is like no other medal the Philly area has seen before. On one side is a beautiful description of the newly named “Champion Hill” that the ODDyssey Half Marathon is famous for finishing on.


As with all of the medals for the ODDyssey in the past, this medal will be have a bottle opener incorporated. Not a beer drinker? You’re in luck! This year the base of the medal is designed to easily convert into a wine stopper! It can also be used for a trophy or tap handle as well. 


You’ll notice at the bottom of the medal there is a clock that allows you to personalize your medal with your time.


Want to get your hands on this new medal? Hurry and sign up now!

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 10.14.41 AM.png

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