Our Top 5 Running Safety Tips

In honor of November being National Running Safety month we would like to take the time to share our top five safety running tips to make sure you finish your runs strong and safe.

1. Run Smart at Night

Running at night can be a lot of fun for most runners (something euphoric about the silence I guess?) however it also comes with it’s dangers. When you run at night it is not only hard to see it is also hard to be seen. As a result this increases the dangers of cars or even worse people you may come across. It is important that you wear gear that allows you to be seen in the darkness. Our recommendation would be RunLites, which allows you to shine a light on your running path while also being seen, however there are many options out there.

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2. Run Against Traffic

This is a rule to live by. When a car is headed your way there is a chance they may not see you. Even if it is the middle of the day and the sun is shining, a driver can become distracted and fatalities can occour. While you are running it is on you to be aware of these dangers. Running against traffic allows you to see if a car is drifting your way and if you should jump out of danger or not. Run with traffic behind you and you are soley running off the idea that drivers are fully aware of their surroundings and there isn’t much you can do to control that.

3. Make Your Route Known

If you are going to go out for a run it is probably best to let someone know. Whether it is a friend, loved one, roomate, or anyone else. Should something happen on your run and you do not return at the expected time this allows someone to be alerted on this situation. You don’t have to give this person your exact coordinates, but a quick note on the fridge or text message saying where you are going and at what time you will be back can go a long way to keeping you safe.

4. Carry ID, Especially on Long Runs

Having ID on you is essential no matter how long your run is. In the worst case scenario if you are struck by a moving vehicle and cannot communicate to the local authorities who you are this is the best way for them to find this information. This is even more important on long runs. Occasionally a long run will cross over another town, county or even state. It is best that the further away you run the more important it is that you haves some sort of identification on you.

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Having a running partner immediately increases safety

5. Try Not To Run Alone

Running alone can cause issues. You could easily get lost if you aren’t as familiar with the area as a running partner may be or worse yet if you encounter a dangerous individual on your run two is always better than one. It is important to find yourself a running partner, this way it will ward away any passer by who feels they can take advantage of a person running alone.

Have more running tips? Feel free to leave them in the comments section so we can all be better runners!

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