The Best Workouts in Philadelphia

Cheesesteaks, the Liberty Bell, birthplace of America….. Philadelphia is known for a lot of things. But how about when you want to stay fit?

Visiting the city or need a refresher on where to go? Let us be your guide! Here is our top list of workouts when you are in Philadelphia.

Body Cycle Spinning Studio

“At Body Cycle Studio each class is instructed with passion, heart, precision, and knowledge. We know our riders by name and believe your journey must originate from within. We encourage the mental change before the physical, and stay by your side every step of the way. We preach the need to be balanced and believe that sometimes the most powerful thing is having the ability to leave it all in the saddle. Although this is your ride, and your time to challenge yourself, you vs. you, we’ll be by your side throughout.”

Sign up for a class now! | Located at 923 Chestnut St

November Project

November project is a FREE boot camp style workout held across the country and of course Philadelphia has a tribe (their words, not ours) of their own! The workout happens every Wednesday and Friday morning. Wednesday classes happen at 6:25 AM on the Art Museum steps (or Rocky steps for out of towners) and Friday classes happen at various locations throughout the city. Check out one of these workouts at no costs and we are sure your life will be changed for the good!

Just show up…..FREE! | Located Art Museum and various loctions

Flywheel Spinning Studio

“Our highly trained instructors are cycling enthusiasts who are committed to helping you succeed. And speaking of you, we provide complimentary shoes, towels and lockers, making your total experience comfortable and amazing from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave.”

Sign up for a class now! | Located at 1521 Locust St

CoreFitness Philadelphia

“CoreFitness revolutionizes the way fitness is delivered. We are different from other gyms because we are not a ‘gym’ but rather a way of life. We inspire people of all fitness levels to reach for their own level of optimal fitness in an encouraging, supportive, highly motivated atmosphere.” With a daily class schedule it is hard to miss them!

Sign up for a class now! | Located at Art Museum steps and various locations

RowZone Indoor Rowing Studio

“The RowZone® workout is a unique blend of conventional rowing and full body toning exercises. Our upbeat classes will challenge your mind and body while giving you a workout that you will never forget. Trainers change up the routines in each class so your body won’t get bored and you will continue to see results.”

Sign up for a class now! | Located at 4401 Main St

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