This Weekends Rock ‘N’ Roll Philly Weather Forecast

All eyes from the world of running are on Philadelphia this weekend for the Rock ‘n’ Roll weekend of races. And those that are running have their eyes on the weather report. So we are here with the most up to date report that will best prepare you for this weekends race.

Saturday – 5K

The 5K is scheduled for 7:30 Saturday morning. Which means runners will be on the course between 7:30 as late as 8:30 (and possibly longer, we love walkers too!). As it currently stands weather for Saturday looks perfect. Starting in the 60’s and making it’s way to the 70’s by the afternoon. Should be a beautiful day for running.

Sunday – Half Marathon

Sunday is the day everyone has been worrying about. And with a threat of rain and bad weather, for good reason. The race is scheduled to run from 7:30 AM – 12:00. The current weather report looks like this:


With an even more accurate forecast here is Philly’s resident weather expert with a look at Sunday:

So you’ll see between the weather report and Cecily Tynan’s expert opinion, the rain looks like it may hold out. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come prepared. As Philly runners can already atest to, we are used to the rain. Broad Street 2016 was less of a run and more of a swim. Need to get yourself ready? Take a look at this post by Cecily Tynan on how she recommended runners prepare for the rain. Regardless, the weather looks like it will be just a bit cloudy and that the rain will hold off. Which is excellent news!

We will continue to monitor this and post updates on social media. Have a great run!

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