The Philly Beer Fit Brew Mile Is Canceled

You may have heard about the Philly Beer Fit Brew Mile race. It was supposed to be held in a few weeks. Even Xfinity live was excited to host the event:


If you signed up for their Facebook group you may have noticed the event had been deleted. And if you signed up for the race itself you may have gotten an email about the status of the event, or you may have not. Some are saying they received emails, some say they have not.

You can even go onto their website and see they have Philadelphia proudly being promoted on their main page.


However, at this time the only public acknowledgement (that we can find) of the status of the event can be seen at the tweet below. (h/t @AlexaBitetto17)


So as of right now, if you were looking forward to running this event, this year will not be your year. We hope that the organization can be a little more public about this, but at this time we cannot seem to find anything relating to an official announcement. Which is sad, because situations like this make local runners want to keep national companies like these out of our city.

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