Studio Review: The Wall Cycling Studio


I recently took a trip to The Wall Cycling Studio located in Phoenixville and participated in one of their 45 minute spin classes. Before I get into the review of the studio here is a little background on The Wall:

This is a studio that is solely dedicated to customer service, providing clients with classes taught by the best instructors and just a place to come in and get a great workout. Consider us a small “mom and pop” type of shop. When you walk into our studio, you will be treated as if you are VIP client from the moment you walk in the door. We will probably know your names before you even know ours and that is okay! Our goal is to give you the ride of your life.

We are dedicated to providing intense, calorie-killing workouts in an environment that is vigorous, fun and not only keeps you fit physically, but mentally as well. Started by indoor cycling junkies, The Wall Cycling Studio is the first and only of its kind in Manayunk and the surrounding area. Classes are instructed by the most inspiring and competitive indoor cycling enthusiasts in the area. We can’t wait to ride with you!

I have to say, this description is pretty spot on. The instructors are energetic and are ready to push you beyond your limits. The classes I have taken at The Wall have been some of the most intense spin classes I have ever taken. The instructors will push you to your limits but at the same time are respectful enough to know that everyone has their own limits. My instructor would regularly call out the commands but also remind people that they were there for their own workout so to do what worked for them.

Beyond the instructors, the Phoenixville studio is one of a kind as well. I have gone to almost every major spin studio in the Philadelphia area so I feel confident I have a strong base for comparison. To get to the studio you walk up a set of stairs to the second floor. You will see the chalkboard sign out front so you shouldn’t miss it.


Once in the studio you will enter into a wide open space with plenty of spin bikes ready to be used. It’s no frills, no craziness. Just a spin bike, you, your fellow classmates and the instructor; the way spinning was meant to be. The instructor dims down the lights, turns on the music and you’re off!

The first thing you’ll notice when you hop on your bike? This is like no other bike you have spun on before. I am no expert in this field but it is clear the owner of The Wall spared no expense on their spin bikes. They are comfortable to sit on and the flywheel moves with the most comfortable of ease. As someone who has been on their fair share of spin bikes it was clear to me as soon as I started peddling that I was on a different kind of bike. Experience for yourself and I think you’ll notice the same thing.

The Wall doesn’t just have a great spin environment with state of the art equipment. They are also run by good people. During the 2015 Christmas Holiday’s you may have seen our post on the charity this studio was doing. They adopted a family in need and were asking for toy donations. I donated myself and dropped off toys to the studio. They did so well they could have supported TWO families in need.

Want to register for a class yourself? The prices for The Wall are as follows:


Compare that to the cost of some other major Philadelphia spin studios and The Wall is a very affordable option.

Based on my experiences with The Wall I would happily recommend this studio for anyone looking to add some cross training to their running, looking for a new exercise, or just wants to switch up their normal spin routine. Don’t think you want to take the plunge? The Wall offers their first class for FREE! Sign up here and your first class is on them, what do you have to lose?


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