5 Days of Christmas Giveaway!!

This contest has closed

5 Days of Christmas Giveaways

In the spirit of the holidays we are giving you runners a chance at FREE gear! Each day this week we will be giving away running gear on our Twitter account. The contests will be simple. Every day we will post an image of the giveaway and all we do is ask for you to Re-Tweet for a chance to win. At the end of each day we will select a winner.

We will do one giveaway each morning, and yes that includes Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this week! So keep a very close eye out to our tweets.

The contest is open to anyone in OR outside of the Philadelphia area. So follow closely!


This contest is officially over. Here were the awesome items we raffled off:

Day 1: Cliff Shot Blocks and Sports Beans Energy Chews

Day 2: Mueller Sports Jumper’s Knee Strap

Day 3: Fuel Belt handheld water bottle

Day 4: Nike Reversible Dri Fit headband

Day 5:  Trigger Point Nano Foot Roller

Look out for more giveaways in 2016!


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