“Beer Runners” Movie Screening, January 10th!


Like Beer and Running? If so this event is for you! Join the Fishtown Beer Runners and many others as they screen the movie “Beer Runners” at Johnny Brenda’s on Sunday January 10th!

“Beer Runners” is a real life story of a local Philadelphian who used running to help cope with a painful life event. In the process of his running he found the joys of running and beer. This is a story of how the Beer Running movement started in Philadelphia.

Seating is limited. Ticket price includes 1 Kenzinger to toast “To The Professor!” courtesy of Philadelphia Brewing Co. Doors will open at 4:30 pm and show starts at 5:00. You can register here.

Update: Because of popular demand, a second show has been added! This show will start at 8:00 PM with doors opening at 7:30. Register for the 2nd show here.

Details of the movie:

Still reeling from a devastating divorce, Philadelphian David April went out for a run and afterwards grabbed a beer in the name of science. Eight years and several thousand miles later, the beer running movement he and his friend Eric Fiedler began continues to flourish.

Justin Wirtalla’s inspiring documentary is a celebration of the small actions that can affect the lives of so many others. “To the Professor!” is the toast declared every Thursday at the end of a run. The professor in question is Manuel Castillo of the University of Granada, who conducted a study on the positive effects of drinking beer after exercise. This is the scientific foundation upon which the Fishtown Beer Runners have built their running movement. The film follows the genesis of this eclectic group of well-seasoned runners and newbies alike as they meet each week to promote exercise, camaraderie, and great-tasting beer, culminating in a pilgrimage to Spain where they finally meet their patron saint, the Professor.

We got our ticket, have you gotten yours? Register now!


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