Don’t Miss The Philadelphia Runner Resolution Run; January 3rd!

2016 is about to be upon us and you know the drill, it’s time to start setting those New Years resolutions. Whether they are health/ fitness related or focusing on other areas of your life; the resolutions will start flying. And the folks at Philadelphia Runner and Oddyssey Half Marathon want to help you accomplish those resolutions! And in doing so they will be hosting the Resolution Run, which is a fun run to help you share and accomplish those goals.

Details of the event:

Join us and our friends from ON Running and the Oddyssey Half Marathon as we throw a New Year’s Resolution Run on the third day of the new year to help jump start your goals and launch registration for the 2016 race. We’ll go on a fun (and short) run around Center City followed by a post run party at the store where everyone writes down their goals, big and small, for 2016.

Details of the run:

Date: January 3rd
Location: Philly Runner Center City
Time: 10:00 AM
Distance: Roughly 3 Miles

Prizes will also be raffled off including a pair of On Running shoes and an entry to the Oddyssey Half Marathon! You’ll also get a chance to sample some healthy treats and get answers to any questions you have about your goals. This is a truly can’t miss event.

However it doesn’t stop there. They are adding a little something extra to this run. Registration for the ODDyssey Half Marathon won’t open until January 4th but you will get a chance to sign up for the Half Marathon at the run!

To find more information on this exciting event, visit the Facebook event page here.


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