Planning Your Broad Street Run Race Day Travel

On May 3rd over 40,000 people are going to flood a 10 mile stretch of Philadelphia. As such race day logistics are going to be hectic if not planned right. So we are here to help you get ready to run a successful Broad Street Run without making race day any harder than it has to be.


Course Info:

Starting Line: Central High School Athletic Field

Starting line intersection: Broad and W Fisher Ave

Nearest Subway Stop to Starting Line: Olney Transportation Center – Broad Street Line

Finish Area: Navy Yard (map of finishing area)


Give yourself enough time to get to the start line to use the facilities. Last year lines for portable toilets were backed up because of the amount of runners waiting at the start line. Get to the start line earlier than you think you should to avoid any delays (We cannot stress this enough).

Traveling to the Race:

All runners can ride SEPTA’s Broad Street subway line for free by displaying your official race number to the cashier at any Broad Street Line stop. You must be wearing the number on the front of your shirt.

If you plan to drive to the city:

There is no parking available at the start area. If you are coming into the city by car, it is recommend that you park your car near the finish area at by the Stadium Complex area at Broad and Pattison. Once parked you can take the Broad Street Line north to the starting line. You would take the Broad Street Line from ATT Station to Olney Transportation Center, which will put you right by the starting line. It takes approximately 35 minutes to reach the Olney Transportation Center from ATT Station, SEPTA will also provide express trains on the morning of the race.

Runners can park for free at the Stadium Complex. If you park on the street, realize that you may have to pay to park and make sure it is a legal spot. All runners can ride SEPTA’s Broad Street subway line for free by displaying your official race number to the cashier at any Broad Street Line stop.

If you plan to take public transportation:

To get to the start area, runners can ride SEPTA for free. With the start time being moved to 8:00 unfortunately it makes traveling via regional rail difficult. Most trains would not get you to the start line until 20 minutes before the race. If you think this is enough time, than go for it. If you plan on using the facilities before the race, this will not allow you enough time.

If you do not feel like parking in the city or Sports Complex your best bet is to get to the Fern Rock Transportation Center and take the Broad Street Line to the start line (Olney Transportation Center stop). There will be parking at the Fern Rock location, but arrive early because it will fill up fast. The only regional rail arriving at Fern Rock early enough is the Warminster line. Check the schedule to see how early you can get to the starting line.

For public transportation information, contact SEPTA at 215-580-7800 or visit their website.


After the race, shuttle buses will take you from the finish area back to the parking areas. Shuttle will load at 13th and Constitution Ave. Walking directions from finish line to shuttle location.

Map of finishing area

For Spectators:

Information for spectators at the finish line

  • Limited bleacher seating will be available (get there early if you want a seat!)
  • You can buy refreshments and merchandise.
  • If you plan on bringing your kids, stop by Kids Fun at the Broad Street Run.

All event information can be found on the Broad Street Run website.


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