Share Your Personal Running Story on Philly.Com!


The Health and Science Section of has a blog titled “On The Run”. This is a blog that focuses on advice and tips from local experts on everything running related. They are now introducing a new series labeled “Why I Run” as a part of this blog.

This is an opportunity for local runners to share what running means to them — whether it’s how the sport has inspired them, changed them, or helped them overcome obstacles.

More about the blog from their website:

Philadelphia runners use the power of running to transform their lives and our city. On The Run will share advice from local experts on training, gear and injury prevention for all types of runners and races, from first-time 5Ks to ultra marathons. If you’d like to share your own story, please email us at

Do you #RunPhilly? If so now is the time to let everyone know how much running means to you and the impact it has had on your life. This opinion may be a bit bias, but Philadelphia has one of the greatest running communities in the country. Now is the time to show everyone why.

Send an email to and share your story!

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