The Love Run Just Released Their 2019 7K Race Medal!

As you may know, the Love Run introduced a 7K option to this years race. And in running we know that bling is what brings the crowds. Not everyone will agree with that statement, but we know many will. And the Love Run just released the medal that you can earn by signing up for the race!

Here it is:


Sign up for the 7K now, before it sells out!

Or maybe you are looking to challenge yourself with a half marathon? If so, don’t forget, we have 10% off the half! Just enter the code “RUNNINGPHILLY10” at check out and you receive 10% off! (Good for half marathon distance only)

This is an exclusive offer to all our readers that make up the awesome Philly area running community. Race day is March 31st, 2019. Register now!


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