The Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Can Go Run It’s Ass Out Of Our City

It is true that I write this with a heavy heart. The Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon was my very first Half. In fact I wore the bracelet they gave every runner for 5 years after the race until it finally gave way because let’s face it, a silicone bracelet shouldn’t be worn that long.

But I digress….

Most runners understand the difference between a national race vs local. One of the biggest difference is the fact that national organizations are more concerned about the bottom line than they are the race experience. Meaning if it saves them money and drives up profits they are all for it.

While Rock ‘N’ Roll has always been known for being a national race, it feels as if the 2018 run has been the most egregious of all. Below is a recent email they sent out regarding packet pick up.



Well, after the first point, it looks like I’m never running RNR again. But then again I haven’t run a RNR race in years so I am ok with that. But now let’s get to some of those points.

Threatening runners to not share this info? What is your end goal with that? Or charging a runner $20 to pick up another runners packet? I understand why races charge runners to have their packets mailed. There are logistics involved. They have to package your bib and then ship to you. So the charges make sense. But $20 to pick up another runners packet?


This is only my hypothesis on why they would charge, but here is my thought. They have calculated how much money one person spends at the expo at any of the vendors who show up. And that amount equates to $20. That charge is recouping the lost revenue of that runner not going to get their packet. Once again, concerned about bottom line.

This is not written to discourage you from running the 2018 race. If you are signed up and looking to accomplish your goal we cheer you on and are excited for you. Just know that 2019 has a lot more local options that your money can go to. Races that support the local community and not a CEO in San Diego. Here are a few:

So as far as we are concerned the Competitor Group can take their Rock ‘N’ Roll race series and keep running until they are out of the city limits. If you are running this year; good luck, we hope you have an enjoyable and safe run. We just hope they don’t think water is an “optional” expense.

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