The Love Run Is Giving Away More Free Shoes!

As we previously wrote, the Love Run last month announced their monthly 5 On 5 Giveaway series in celebration of their 5 years of the race. The goal is to giveaway free gifts to 5 people on the 5th of every month leading up to their race.

The best part? Anyone can win! Doesn’t matter if you are signed up for their race or not. Their January giveaway is now up and running.


This month 5 lucky winners will have a chance to win 5 different pairs of shoes. The only rule is that you have to live in the US, that’s it! Whether you are running the race or not you can be entered to win a pair of shoes!

So if you need new shoes for 2018, check out the giveaway below, because a winner will be selected soon, so there’s not much time!

P.S. If you haven’t signed up for the race yet, get $7 off with our discount code “RunningPhilly”


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