Some Of The Best Philly Fitness Deals On Groupon

One thing this site appreciates; free or affordable fitness. We believe that if you want to stay fit, you shouldn’t have to break the bank. If you’re looking for some excellent free fitness opportunities, check this out.

If you don’t mind paying a bit to workout, here are some excellent fitness deals on Groupon in our area. But act quick, they won’t stay up for long.

Four or Eight Indoor Cycling Classes at CycleZone of Collegeville 

  • Original Cost: $60 or $120
  • Groupon Deal: $31 or $69
  • Up to 48% off!

This deal is valid toward any type of class, including spin, barre, and TRX. Classes are available every day of the week, with both morning and evening sessions available on weekdays. See the schedule.

Choose Between Two Options:

  • $69 for eight classes (up to a $120 value)
  • $31 for four classes (a $60 value)

5, 10, or 15 Classes or Gym Visits or One Month of Classes or Gym Visits at Sweat Fitness

  • Original Cost: $75, $50 or $125
  • Groupon Deal: $20, 31 or $42
  • Up to 81% off!

Guests can opt to pump up their muscles with Precor circuit machines and free weights in the gym or take advantage of the many group strength-training and conditioning classes, including Power Pump cardio class or kickboxing. Each option can be used in full for just classes, just gym access, or a combination of both. See class descriptions here and select your location for a full schedule.

Choose from Four Options

  • $20 for 5 fitness classes or gym visits ($75 value)
  • $31 for 10 fitness classes or gym visits ($150 value)
  • $42 for 15 fitness classes or gym visits ($225 value)
  • $31 for one month of unlimited classes or gym visits ($99 value)

10 or 20 Martial-Arts Classes at Fight Firm Elite MMA and Boxing Training Facility

  • Original Cost: $150 or $300
  • Groupon Deal: $39 or $49
  • Up to 84% off!

When boxers accidentally look at their target, it’s called telegraphing, but when they hit opponents in the face with a typewriter, it’s called texting. Communicate properly with this voucher.

Choose Between Two Options

  • $39 for 10 boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, or Brazilian jujitsu classes (a $150 value)
  • $49 for 20 of the above classes (a $300 value)

To see a class schedule, click here.

One Month or 3 or 5 Sessions of Indoor Rowing and Fitness Classes at RowZone Manayunk

  • Original Cost: $59.97, $90 or $99
  • Groupon Deal: $29, $39 or $69
  • Up to 57% off!

The RowZone® workout is a unique blend of conventional rowing and full body toning exercises. Their upbeat classes will challenge your mind and body while giving you a workout that you will never forget. Trainers change up the routines in each class so your body won’t get bored and you will continue to see results.

Choice of:

  • Three Indoor Rowing and Fitness Class Pass
  • Five Indoor Rowing and Fitness Class Pass
  • One Month Unlimited Indoor Rowing and Fitness Class Pass

$39 for One-Month Gym Membership at Optimal Sport Health Club

  • Original Cost: $138.99
  • Groupon Deal: $39
  • 72% off!

The professional staff and certified personal trainers at Optimal Sport Health Club, a popular chain of boutique fitness centers in Philadelphia, want to help their clients get into the best shape of their lives. The facilities have everything members need to reach their workout goals, whether they want to build lean muscle, lose weight, or simply get stronger. Check out their gym here.


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