What’s With The Silence, Philly Marathon?

If you aren’t aware that the Philly Marathon registration opens tonight at midnight, you probably aren’t the only one. The race has been suspiciously quiet this year.

Building up to the race last year they had heavily promoted in the span of just one month the build up of registration. Including some GIF’s with famous faces. See for yourself. On top of that, they were allowing the first 500 registrations to get in at an extra special price. It was an exciting time leading up to our cities major race.

This year, during that same time frame? Three tweets, and only two of them acknowledging the registration date (which is April 1st). One of which was a response to a person and not a promotion of the date. Check them out here.

So what gives? No excitement, no fanfare, no special registration for the first 500 registrants like last year? This is OUR cities marathon, where’s the Philly excitement???

Maybe they’re preparing for some big surprise (fingers crossed). But as of right now the excitement has been minimal at best. Maybe an early April Fools prank? (Could be well timed)

If you know something we don’t feel free to comment below.


The race sent an email this afternoon offering the following bonus for early registrants:

Sign up early (April 1st through 3rd) and take 10% off registration…no code needed!”

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