The Way Too Early Philly Marathon Weather Report

Reporting on weather a week early before anything is an uncertainty. Especially when you live in Pennsylvania. If you are a local you know that you can experience all four seasons in a matter of days.

But that won’t stop us from reporting on the anticipated Philadelphia Marathon weather. So here we go!

Saturday (Half Marathon & 8K)


Sunday (Marathon!!)


Rain on marathon day can be a bit nerve wrecking, but remember we are still a week away and this is Philadelphia. While that says rain now, it could be well into the 60’s and dry come race day. We will monitor this daily and share updates with you on Twitter and Facebook.

Our recommendations for the weekend? Regardless of the race you are running, come prepared to layer down. What does that mean? Philly is having cold mornings. While it can get into the 60’s, which can be warm, it will not be like that all day. If you come dressed to run a 62 degree race chances are you are going to have a miserable race morning. It could be as low as 35 degrees when you get to the race start on the morning of your race. Wear a jacket that you don’t mind getting rid of at some point while on the course. (Don’t worry, Philly races do a great job with donating discarded race gear).

If you are looking for a more professional weather opinion make sure to follow local Philly weather expert Cecily Tynan (she’s a runner too!) on Twitter.

Update Thursday 1:45 PM:

Right now it looks like no rain but a chance of some heavy wind. So maybe that means an increase in PR’s?

Update Thursday 9:02 AM:

Resident weather expert (and runner) Cecily Tynan has provided runners with a full proof plan on how to have a successful Marathon. Read about it here.

Update Wednesday 9:51 AM:

Adam Joseph (also running the full marathon) scares us that the outlook isn’t getting much better for those running on Sunday:

UPDATE, Monday 4:22 PM:

While we aren’t experts, we like to think we are line with experts thinking when it comes to the “way too soon” part. Here is a lengthy excerpt from Adam Joseph (who will be running on Sunday as well!) on Facebook explaining what we can expect.

In summary: nothing is certain right now. As we have been saying, this is Philadelphia in November. It could be snow at race morning, it could be 60 degrees after the first 5K. We say that tongue in cheek, but it also holds a bit truth. We will continue to update as it gets closer.

UPDATE, Monday 3:36 PM:

We don’t have a degree in meteorology but we have to imagine Philadelphia being in the center of that big green blob isn’t a good thing.

UPDATE, Monday 2:44 PM:

Another great Philly resident weather expert, Adam Joseph (also a runner!), has scared us a bit with these tweets on the pending Sunday weather:

For those not familiar with this years Broad Street Run, it was an outright downpour. So Adam using the words “MUCH worse” is not what you would call a good thing. Updates to continue.

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