Product Review: Delfin Spa Calf Sleeves

When Delfin Spa recently asked us to give their compression calf sleeves a try we couldn’t help but be intrigued. Never having heard of Delfin before it was a way for us to experience a new brand while being exposed to products that we have never used before.

These calf sleeves are a part of the Delfin Heat Maximizing Collection which is a line of products made up of a thin layer of neoprene embedded with bio-ceramic material which is made to reflect body heat. The Compression Calf Sleeves provide heat, compression and support to calves/shins. The sleeves can be used both to enhance and extend exercise and workouts as well as to help to relieve pain and promote healing.

These sleeves do not feel like a traditional calf sleeve would. The first thing you notice while wearing them is that the material is much different from your normal compression sleeves. They do not have the traditional cloth feel you get with 90% of calf sleeves on the market. Instead these are made of polyester with an outer nylon lining that you notice as soon as you slip them on.


Because this material is a bit different the first thing you notice once you are wearing them is such a different feel than anything you are used to. They do hug your legs like a calf sleeve should, but do not have that super tight grip you get from most sleeves. The initial thought is “will these hold up?”. And we can assure you that these sleeves can handle whatever run you put them through. Having ran many miles in these sleeves they stayed exactly where they needed to providing the comfort and support you would look for in a calf sleeve.

The actual feel is not the only noticeable impact. After many runs in these sleeve my legs always felt fine with limited to no soreness. There were no cramps, no shin splints, no soreness at all in my legs. In fact, one time after running without these sleeves I put them on to help recovery from the run. My legs went from fatigued to fresh in no time!

Here are some of the product details to familiarize yourself with:

  • Soft Polyester inner lining, Nylon outer lining and a thin 1.5 mm neoprene middle lining.
  • Embedded Bio-Ceramic Material to reflect body heat.
  • Sleeves provide heat, compression and support for calves/shins.

For Sizing: Measure circumference of mid calf muscles.

  • Small (11.5-13″)
  • Medium (13-14.5″)
  • Large (14.5-16.5″)
  • XL (16.5-18.5″)
  • It is important to note that we found the size of the Delfin Spa calf sleeve was similar to sizes we run in other companies calf sleeves.

You can get them in the traditional black or add some color. They offer a pink and turquoise option.


Overall we would happily recommend these sleeves. They offered the comfort we typically look for in calf sleeves while also providing support to prevent shin splints, cramps and so much more! Check out Delfin Spa for yourself and learn about all the products they offer by visiting their website here. 

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