A Better Way To Live Track Your Broad Street Run Runner

There’s a million reasons why the Broad Street Run is one of the best races Philly has to offer. It does attract over 40,000 runners after all. As a part of them being such a large, well established race they allow runner tracking. If you download their app you can select a runner and track their progress.

However, as a runner who has finished multiple Broad Street runs myself, I find the tracking on their app can lag a bit. After the 2015 race my spectators that were there said the tracking was about 10 minutes off of my pace. As a result they were surprised when I came to the finish line because they expected me to be further behind. It wasn’t a major issue, however what’s the point of tracking your runner if you aren’t following them accurately?

So I would like to present an alternative. The “Find My Friends” app. Find My Friends allows you to locate friends and family using any device connected to the internet or a mobile network. Install the app and invite friends to share locations by choosing from your contacts or entering their email addresses.When a friend accepts your invitation using the Find My Friends app on their device, you can start following their location immediately and they can send a quick request to follow your location. If at any time you don’t want to be followed, you can hide your location with a single switch. That simple!


I am a runner who loves a good organized race, and as a result I have run a lot of them. My #1 spectator (my fiancé) is usually right there with me and has used this app for tracking me at all of those races and found it to be the best tracker out there. While it may not be the intended purpose of the app, she uses this at my races regularly and knows down to the second when I will be passing by. No questions, no confusions.

This is not to discourage you from downloading the BSR app, you still should. By having the BSR app you will get access to important event details, live results, news, social media and much more. So we still highly encourage you to download their app. However if you would like a stronger runner tracking, it will be worth it to download “Find My Friends”.

You can find the Find My Friends app at the Apple Store and Google Play Marketplace.

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