Broad Street Run Bib Transfer Process


We all know how popular Broad Street Run is. And unfortunately not everyone who applies for a bib gets one. And there becomes a mad dash to find a bib. Before we get into the bib transfer policy, remember you can get a bib through charity still.

If the charity route is still not for you, we are here to outline the Broad Street bib transfer process so you can run if you didn’t get in.

Message Board

A message board has been set up for those looking for a bib or looking to transfer their bib. Here is where you can post your messages about possibly getting a bib. Visit the message board here.

Transfer With Someone You Know

If you already have someone you want to transfer your bib with, this can be done. You can do the transfer electronically during the transfer period.

Click here to transfer your number to another runner. This will prompt the runner with a bib to log in.

Transfer Rules

  1. Who can transfer: Anyone who is registered for the 2016 race, with the exception of those who were granted Veteran Status after the lottery closing.
  2. Transferee will be charged a $15.00 transfer fee.
  3. The Blue Cross Broad Street Run does not permit the charging of fees over the standard entry fees for each event for a transferred registration. Overcharging will cause offenders to be banned from future races.
  4. Posts offering or seeking numbers at fees in excess of the standard entry fee are subject to removal from the bib transfer message board.
  5. The transfer program will close at April 15 at 11:59 p.m. Please note that all transfers must be completed by that time. Transfers that are “in process” when the deadline is reached cannot be guaranteed.


Please note, we will not help facilitate independent transfers. However, if you reach out to us we will be happy to connect you to someone who may be looking/ transferring so you can go through the official transfer process. You can email us at

Also, feel free to leave a message in the comments section of this post if you are looking for or transferring a bib.

Visit our Broad Street Run info center page to stay up to date with everything BSR related


4 thoughts on “Broad Street Run Bib Transfer Process

  1. Looking for a bib. I will turn 40 on May 3. It’s been a long term goal and I have been training. My brother-in-law will be turning 50 and we were going to do the race together. He got in and I didn’t. Would greatly appreciate a transfer.

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  2. Looking for a bib as well. I posted on the BS message boards but it’s kind of insane over there. Anyone willing to sell (I’ll even pay your transfer fee!) let me know, I’d be very grateful!


  3. Looking for a bib for my girlfriend to join my family’s tradition of running Broad Street! I’m willing to pay the transfer fee for you as well! Please let me know! Thank you!


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