Buy or Rent The Beer Runners Movie

You may have read our post last month about the movie Beer Runners. The movie that documents the story about how the ‘Fishtown Beer Runners’ community was started. You can now rent or own the movie here!

If you need a reminder, here is a quick recap:

“Beer Runners” is a real life story of a local Philadelphian who used running to help cope with a painful life event. In the process of his running he found the joys of running and beer. This is a story of how the Beer Running movement started in Philadelphia.

Well if you missed the screening at Johnny Brenda’s, or made it and can’t get enough of the film, you can now rent or own it for yourself! Filmmaker Justin Wirtalla has released the film online for rent or download. This film has been to 3 festivals, had 4 award nominations and won 1 award. It’s been receiving very high praise from all who view it.

Check out the trailer:


You can now go online and download or rent this movie here. Let us know what you think of the film!

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