Join Mark Zuckerberg In The “Year Of Running”


We’ve always been about connecting the Philadelphia running community to the much larger global running community throughout the world. We believe that Philadelphia has so much to offer by way of running that the world needs to know about it. And this post is no different.

Mark Zuckerberg (who you may know from Facebook success) has started a group called “A Year Of Running”. The goal is pretty simple, to log at least 365 miles in 2016, or a mile per day. However the group has bigger purposes than that.

From Zuckerberg himself:

This public group has been set up for everyone to discuss running adventures and share progress. It is connecting the global running community we live in for the better of everyone. In a world where business owners are in the news for more bad than good, it is refreshing to see Mark Zuckerberg confirm what we already know; running isn’t just good for your body, it’s good for making a positive impact on your life.

Make sure to join the group so we can show the world how amazing the Philadelphia running scene is!

You can join the Facebook group here.

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