Studio Review: Fit Results Cycle Studio

Recently I took a class at Fit Results Personal Training & Cycle Studio, and all I can say is I will definitely be back.

Fit Results is a personal training studio created by Regina Jopling, an AFAA Certified Biggest Loser© Pro. It’s located in Skippack Village in Skippack, PA. They offer personal training, yoga, boot camp, Pilates, kickboxing and Spin Classes. Heck, they even offer a beginner Spin Class if you have never done it before. Check out more of their classes here.


Overall it is a great spin studio for the area. It is located in what looks to be a small converted barn with the barn theme still going on inside (with exposed wood sidewalls and rafters running throughout).


The studio itself has roughly 15 bikes in it which makes it medium to large size as far as other spin studios in the area are concerned. So there is plenty of space to have larger sized classes or be spread out if only a handful of people show up. The bikes themselves seem really nice. I am not a spin bike expert but I have been on enough to know which ones are nice and which aren’t. What I liked about these bikes was that there was a digital reader that showed you your RPM’s  on a monitor. I like this because there is no guessing on how fast you are going. When the instructor says you should be at a certain RPM mark you know what you need to do to get there.


The bikes in the studio are Schwinn Bikes. I know enough about cycling to know that Schwinn is a very popular and respected name in the biking industry, so the quality of these bikes is without question high.



The final thing I enjoyed about my class was the diversity. I understand spinning is a primarily female dominated activity (from what I can tell). However this class was a bit of a mix of females and males.


Needless to say I will be back to this studio and soon. Regina did a really great job opening her own studio that is not only welcoming but just overall really enjoyable. My instructor, Alena Bazemore, was knowledgeable and filled with energy which is what I like in an instructor. She was also very welcoming to me. I took a copy of their class schedule with me because I knew I would be back. Their schedule is awesome in the sense that I can get to a class multiple times throughout the week after work and even a few times on the weekends if I want.

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