Help Support Legal Bib Transfers!


A few weeks ago we posted an article about the lack of solutions that race directors offer runners for bib transfers. It was in response to an article on where a race director was promoting why races wont let you switch bibs with another runner.

The issue is quite simple: what happens when an outside factor creates a situation where you can no longer run that race you signed up for? Whether it is injury, pregnancy or some other life emergency. You have just spent a large amount of money to run this race but the race director will not allow you to give your bib to someone who can run. You are left paying the money with nothing to show.

Our goal wasn’t to promote illegal bib transfers, instead it was to force race directors to come up with a way to allow a legal way for runners to transfer bibs between one another.


Thankfully a company called BibSwitch has stepped up on this issue and has presented a solution in a legal way. The goal of BibSwitch is simple:

“Facilitate Bib Transfers Between Athletes and Race Directors. We Aim To Help End The Existing Black Market.”

You can help get BibSwitch off the ground so this no longer becomes an issue within the running community. They have set up an online petition to make their vision a reality. To present to race directors a solution that will make this issue a thing of the past.

Just sign the petition here and make your voice heard!


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