Review: Rudy Rydon Glasses

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Rudy Rydon Glasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro.Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro and check out to review find and write race reviews!

When it comes to running gear you can get lost in the shuffle of “nice to haves” and “need to haves”. While I find it nice to have a pair of compression socks to help me perform better I know I can get through a run without them if need be. Whereas I don’t think I could complete a run without a good pair of running shoes.


Sunglasses for me have always been a nice to have. I never really thought much of them. Truth be told I am a minimalist by nature and that has reflected in my running as well. Heck, I just started running with a hydration pack for the first time this year.

So while I have never seen the need for a good pair of sunglasses I was still intrigued to give these a try. I am someone who is constantly trying to evolve and enjoy doing that through my running gear. What did I learn after my first run in my pair of Rudy Rydon Sunglasses? That these instantly need to be moved into the “need to have” category! No pun intended here, but these glasses really opened my eyes to how beneficial a good pair of running glasses can be.

Before I get into my personal experiences here are some benefits of these sunglasses from the company directly:

  • Rudy Project Polycarbonate RP Optics lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection and a CONTRAST LENS is best to enhance depth perception and color while a NEUTRAL LENS is best to give you the darkest coverage possible.
  • Rudy Project’s Polar 3FX Polarized Lens Technology contains unique light absorption and molecular properties to enhance contrast and depth perception.
  • Rudy Project’s Exclusive Polarized ImpactX™ Photochromic Lens Technology represents the most advanced solution for vision protection in the sunglass market.



Now that we got the technical aspects out of the way now lets talk about my own personal experiences:

  • These glasses were so lightweight that I barely noticed that I was still wearing them even after my run
  • The one thing I fear about trying out new gear is how it will bother me while running. I was so against a hydration pack at first was because I didn’t want it sloshing around while I was running. Same thing with sunglasses. I didn’t want to have to be constantly adjusting them as I ran. With these glasses not only did I not notice any bouncing or adjusting they also didn’t fog up as I ran further.
  • The anti-slip nosepad locking system helped keep these glasses where they needed to stay. And they adjusted easily while not moving out of place.
  • Sun protection. I am not one to have sensitive eyes so I never felt the need to protect them while running. However thanks to the Optics lenses providing 100% UVA protection I noticed how much of a benefit this had become to me.

While these glasses are great for running they can also be used for all outdoor activity. Specifically for me they would be perfect for when I play softball. This past year I would constantly have to battle the sun which made it hard to play the outfield. However I noticed these glasses provide amazing protection from the glare of the sun so this will no longer become an issue. And for the winter these will be perfect for when I go snowboarding. The sun off the snow can be blinding and a good pair of glasses go a long way. With how light weight these are while also staying locked in place they will be perfect for my winter activities. They are truly a year round product!

They are also stylish enough that you can wear them around in your normal day to day activity without feeling like you need to be doing some sort of activity to justify wearing them.

Since these glasses serve such a dual purpose it is not hard for me to recommend them to someone in the market. Not only are these sturdy well constructed glasses they are able to handle whatever activity you may put them through and stay strong.

Find your pair here!

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