Have You Checked Out BibRave?


Have You Checked Out BibRave before? If you’re not familiar with them, it’s a website that allows users to review races. Think of it like Yelp but for running. Check out their site and some races near you. Anyone can go on there and review a race.

However this isn’t even the coolest thing about BibRave. Here are just a few reasons why you need to check this organization out:


Beyond just being a race review website, they also connect the global running community. Every week the BibRave Twitter account hosts a chat called #BibChat. This is an hour long chat held every Tuesday starting at 9:00 PM Eastern. They ask 6 questions (1 every 10 minutes) and users respond with their answer using the Twitter hashtag “#BibChat”. It’s a great way to connect with other runners outside of your immediate running community about similar running related topics.

Weekly Free Giveaways!

#BibChat is usually sponsored by some sort of racing brand. In the past they have been sponsored by Zensah, Addaday, Buff USA, MeStrength, and more! The best part is at the end of #BibChat they usually giveaway a prize. In the past random twitter users have won compression gear, t-shirts, foam rollers and even free race entries! The only guideline to winning is you must be following BibRave and the sponsoring brand on twitter. That simple!

BibRave Pro

BibRave Pro

The weekly #BibChat still isn’t the coolest thing about this organization. They also have a group of ambassadors called BibRave Pro’s. You can apply to be an ambassador via their BibRave Pro site. If you are picked by BibRave to be a “Pro” you get access to so many great things!

As a pro you are able to get products from the organizations they partner with. In the past Pro’s have been given wireless headphones, compression gear, free race entries and so much more! You will see a handful of Pro’s running during the Runner’s World Festival weekend (look for the orange BibRave shirts). You’re not required to be a BibRave Pro to be apart of the #BibChat community, but by doing so you gain access to a lot more. (Check out all the cool things one BibRave Pro has earned so far!)

Running Discounts!!

You don’t need to be a Pro to get a hold of awesome discounts. Their partnerships they build with these organizations allows them to pass along discounts to anyone who is interested in buying running gear. For example they most recently gave out a 10% discount off of Zensah gear. Anything you bought on the Zensah website you got an extra 10% off, not because you are a BibRave Pro or even participate in #BibChat. Just punch in the code they advertise and the discount is yours, they don’t ask for anything in return. And they have given out discounts to such brands as Zensah, the Philly in24 Races, Runner’s World Festival Races, 2XU Compression gear, and more!

This is a great community to get involved in if you are a social runner. Whether it’s reviewing a race, joining #BibChat or even becoming a BibRave Pro there is so much to explore with this brand and so many reasons to make it a part of your running experience.



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