Run With Kevin Hart in Philly?


UPDATE 8/24: The 5K has been confirmed! Check out registration details here.

UPDATE 8/19: As we originally speculated last week, Kevin Hart would be planning a run in the Missouri area to correspond with his comedy shows in St. Louis and Kansas City this upcoming weekend. And as of last night he posted the following tweet:

This all but confirms our suspicion that his Philly 5K run will in fact be Saturday August 29th. Mark your calendars! Expect an official announcement sometime next week.

UPDATE 8/17: A source close to the planning of these runs has confirmed with us that the planned Kevin Hart Philadelphia run is Saturday August 29th. As of right now nothing has been posted about this date, but it is our belief that this will be the day of the run. If this is true this is great news as it will not conflict with The Philly 10K. Continue to check back for updates.

Original Post 8/11:

This is pure speculation, but based on Kevin Hart’s recent track record he will host one of his pop up 5K runs in Philly on Saturday August 30th. For the past few weeks his track record has been that he hosts one of these runs the same morning as his show being held in that specific city. Here has been his scheduled runs along with his shows over the past few weeks:

August 7th August 14th August 16th August 30th
5K Run DC Dallas Houston ???
Comedy Show DC Dallas Houston Philly

We have no direct knowledge that he will be running his 5K on Saturday August 30th, but based on this track record do not be surprised if he does. He has two shows in Missouri on the 21st and 22nd. He is in St. Louis on the 21st and Kansas City on the 22nd. If he announces runs in those towns, on those dates, you can almost be certain a Philly run will be next on the 30th.

Now of course most Philly Runners have their calender’s marked for August 30th already. August 30th is the Philly 10K. Who knows if he would make this a part of his pop up run (maybe Philly Runner is keeping a huge secret) but either way this could cause a conflict.

So to those of you with Philly 10K bibs, it begs the question: run a once in a lifetime 5K with Kevin Hart or run one of Philly’s most up and coming races?


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