Review: 28 Day FitTea Detox

Recently I decided to give FitTea a try, specifically their 28 day cleanse. If you are not familiar with FitTea here is a brief description:

Fit Tea is a loose leaf Fit Tea, that contains a powerful blend of: Organic Green Tea, Oolong Wu Yi, Organic Rooibos, Ginger, Pomegranate, Guarana, Birch, Stevia, corn and Honey Powder.

Used all over the world for thousands of years as weight-loss secret to effectively help any fitness program. Give us a few weeks and you will feel great! Plus it tastes amazing! Give us a try you will love Fit Tea!

The all natural ingredients in Fit tea may help:

  • Promotes Fat Burning!
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Promotes & Soothes Digestion
  • Promotes Loss Of Body Weight
  • Found To Have Antimicrobial Properties


It is a tea you drink once a day that helps promote all of the above. They have 2 detox plans specifically; a 14 day and 28 day along with other supplements you can buy.

Overall my impression of FitTea was: meh *shoulder shrugs*.

I really wasn’t overly impressed with it. After the 28 days were over I didn’t notice much of a change. They heavily promote this tea as a weight loss supplement. If you look at their twitter page the majority of their tweets are people who are in great shape or before and after pictures of FitTea users. So while the tea itself has many other benefits, they are clearly advertising themselves as a weight loss supplement.

I can say I really didn’t experience much if any weight loss benefits. I am someone who could lose weight right now so it’s not like I was in a situation where I couldn’t.

I would say the only thing I really noticed about using the tea was digestive related. Not to get too graphic here but what I could tell was the less frequency in using the bathroom. I guess I will just leave it at that.

It also promotes itself as an energy booster. In fact on the back of the packet it suggests you take it before a workout to help with your energy. Ironically enough during the 28 days I took it I felt tired more than anything else. I wont say FitTea caused this because I typically do not sleep well. But regardless I didn’t feel an increase in energy.

FT 2

I guess if I had to say a positive it would be that the taste wasn’t that bad. They recommend adding honey or lemon to help with the taste, but honestly I didn’t find that necessary. I drank it straight without adding anything and I didn’t find an issue. It was also nice that the little tea packets fit in my Keurig, so that was convenient.

FT 6

I probably should have known I was in for a disappointment when looking at their social media page. If you go to their Twitter account you won’t see testimonials or personal accounts of success with FitTea. It is primarily stock photos of random people in shape. Also some before and after pictures but with no mention of who these people are and if they used FitTea to get results or not. Honestly anyone with a keyboard and an internet connection could post what they are posting. The twitter account isn’t verified, but it is linked from the FitTea website, so it is them.

Another thing that should have alerted me was their website. On their homepage they refer to their product as a “Fit Yea”. This is clearly a typo and should read Fit Tea (the Y and T are right next to each other on the keyboard). This isn’t a huge issue. But if you have over a million followers on Twitter and 50,000 on Facebook, you would think you could afford a proof reader. Presentation is key after all.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend FitTea if you are looking for the drastic results they advertise. If you are a tea drinker sure it wouldn’t hurt adding this to your routine, but beware of their claims of significant weight loss among other benefits. I won’t call this a scam because I do believe this tea can have an impact on you. However it is not the impact that they use to sell their product, which is why I have a problem endorsing it fully. I chose the tea because they ran a 10% discount promotion so at least I didn’t pay full price for it. There’s my silver lining.


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