Running Trail Review: 202 Parkway Trail

Photo via Devine and Partners

(Photo via Devine and Partners)

This past weekend I ran the 202 Parkway Trail. Description of the trail from

The 202 Parkway Trail (part of The Circuit, Greater Philadelphia’s trail network) connects three towns—Montgomery, Warrington, and Doylestown—on its 9-mile route paralleling the scenic byway. The paved 12-foot-wide pathway is separated from the roadway by split-rail fences and grassy strips, and offers numerous access points and ample parking. Some rolling hills can be expected, as well as views of farmland and wooded areas through Bucks and Montgomery counties.

This is probably the best description of the trail that can be offered. I personally ran 4 miles of the trail (out and back, so 8 total) and can talk about half the trail.

Trail Map:



Overall it is a great trail to run if you are looking for a long stretch of uninterrupted running in the northern suburbs. The part I ran started in Montgomeryville. There is plenty of room for runners and bikers to move freely up and down the trail. I must have been running on a heavy bike day because the trail was flooded with bikers. But even with all of these bikers, the trail never felt crowded. I even passed a few runners along the way as well.

The trail follows the new 202 bypass. So there are times when you need to cross over 202 to get to the other side of the trail. However this is never an issue because the crosswalks are at red lights. So you just wait your turn and you are safely on the other side. In total I had to cross 202 twice in the 4 miles I ran.

During the 4 mile stretch I ran, there were 2 locations for parking. I find this to be a nice addition because it allows you to start at multiple areas of the trail without having to worry about parking your car. Unfortunately there is no parking at the start of the trail in Montgomeryville so it makes it difficult if you would like to start at the beginning of the trail. There is an abandoned building parking lot within walking distance of where I started so I took advantage of that.

This is by far the best stretch of area for runners looking for a long run location in the northern suburbs. In total you could get an 18 mile run if you go out and back. And while the trail does follow 202, it can be a very peaceful run as well as it is equally surrounded by wooded areas as much as it is surrounded by a busy road.



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