Weather Report For The Hot Chocolate 15/5K

The weather outlook for the upcoming Philly Hot Chocolate 15/5K looks promising so far. Based on AccuWeather Philadelphia, the temps should be in the high 40’s by the start of the race. The 5K kicks off at 7:15 AM. Weather reports at 7:00 AM show a 51% chance of showers. That drops to 9% by the start of the 15K at 8:00 AM. As the day continues temps will only increase, with it hitting the 50’s by the afternoon. If you are running the 5K prepare for a damp course and possibly wet start. If you are running the 15K, still prepare for some dampness, but probably not as much.

The chance of rain for the remainder of the day stays low. It drops from 51% to 6% in a matter of 2 hours and stays at 6% by late morning. We can probably expect a very rainy commute to the race, but hopefully dry up by the time the race guns go off. Be prepared to layer your clothing so you can handle the variations in temperature if you are running the longer races. Check out this article by Runners World on what to wear based on these conditions.

Overall this may be the first race of the year in Philly where you can get away with shorts and a shirt. (We know some crazy runners who probably already have by now). But plan on the weather being cold with rain and then act accordingly on race morning.

Good luck to all!


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