Enter the Broad Street Run for only $200 in Charity Donations!

So the Broad Street Run lottery has come and gone and either you weren’t selected or you didn’t enter the lottery. But you still want to run. Below we outline a plan for only $200 in charity donations you can still be a part of the Broad Street Run!

Here is how that is possible.

Multiple organizations are offering charity bibs where you need to raise $500 in order to earn a bib for the race. [Please note some of these organizations are on a wait list, however others still have bibs available]. $500 may seem like a lot of money to ask people to donate, however you do not need to raise the entire $500.

Ask your employer about their charity donation matching contribution program. Most major employers will have a program where they will match an employees contribution towards charity at a 1:1 ratio. Meaning, if you donate $100 to a cause, your employer will also donate $100.

By using this program you just need to raise half the money and your employer can donate the rest. The cost of Broad Street is $45 for lottery entry. So it makes sense for you to put that money in yourself (you would have been paying it anyway). Put in an additional $5 and you can donate the first $50 yourself. Now you just need to raise an additional $200 to get to the half way point of $500. You would raise the additional $200 in cash donations directly.

Now with the $250 in cash donations you donate it in one lump sum to the organization you choose. You then notify your employer of this donation and they match the other $250 and that quickly you have just donated $500 and are now running Broad Street!

Remember, by doing all of this you are helping out some great organizations with much need charitable donations.

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