10 Week Timeline To Run Your First Broad Street Run

In a previous post I wrote about why you need to run the Broad Street Run. If you have rarely or never run before but are thinking about the BSR, below I list a timeline and training plan you can follow to complete your first Broad Street Run in just 10 weeks.

In 2010 I got the crazy idea that with no running experience I would run the BSR. Unfortunately I did not form a plan or know where to start and ended up not running it. Looking back now I realize it is not very difficult to plan to run this race with little to no running experience. [Fast forward a few years later and I ran a Half Marathon with only 2 months of running experience]

Anytime you are looking into something like this you must always remember these words: “Run your own race.” The runners who are glorified and get all the attention are the winners, the ones finishing the race in 45 minutes (4.5 minute mile pace). I am here to tell you this kind of finishing time is not the norm. However, because of this glorification outsiders tend to feel they have to be an elite athlete or even in great running shape to consider this race.

That is not the case. Let’s look at the race if you were to just walk it and not run a single mile. Typically a walking pace is anywhere from 15- 20 minutes per mile. In 2014 600 people finished at that pace. That means if you really wanted to you don’t need to run at all and you are still in a crowd of hundreds of people.

As long as you prepare for what you know your body can handle you can finish this race. Ask any seasoned runner, they
will tell you running is just as much a mental sport as it is physical. The biggest hurdle you will face is the space between your ears, you need to believe you can before anything else. To quote Henry Ford “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t- you’re right.” No one is telling you that you need to run the entire race, you are free to run/walk at your leisure. But if the BSR is something you have thought about there is no reason you cannot complete it. Your finisher medal will be the same everyone else receives regardless of your finishing time.

Now onto the timeline to complete your first ever Broad Street Run….

February 1st- 13thRace Lottery Opens. (Even if you do not get in there are still ways to run this race)

February 23rd- Begin this 10 Week Beginner Training Plan. More explanation on the plan here. Keep at it. There will be days you don’t feel like running, ignore that voice and remember why you started.

March/ April- Sign up for a 5K or 2 (or longer distance if you are up to it). This will help you get over the race day jitters of what it feels like to be at an organized race.

May 3rd- Cross the finish line and cherish the moment. You did it!

There you have it. In 10 short weeks you can accomplish your goal. The 10 weeks will be hard, but with focus and determination you can create a memory that will last a lifetime. Years from now the time you finished wont matter as you are holding that medal in your hand.


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