Why You NEED to Run The Broad Street Run

The Broad Street Run attracts over 40,000 runners every year. That’s more runners than the Boston, Los Angeles and Marine Corps Marathon. And about just as many as the Chicago and New York City Marathon. That’s right, this 10 mile race in Philadelphia is just as big if not bigger than some world major marathons across the globe.

2014 was the first year I had ever run the Broad Street Run. At the time it was only the 2nd race I ever ran that was 10 or more miles. Looking back on the run the one big thing I remember was “that was pretty easy”.

Now before you go off on a rant saying I didn’t push myself hard enough if I am calling a 10 mile race easy, please let me clarify the statement. The BSRrace truly did test me physically, I was exhausted by the time I crossed the finish line and at mile 8 I got the normal cramps a runner typically feels. But what really stood out to me was how runner friendly the course was. No real hills, extremely flat and a good part of it went downhill. I just remember running it and thinking that although I was testing myself physically, it also felt like the course was working with me and not against me.

That is why you need to run the Broad Street Run. It is one of the most runner friendly 10+ mile runs you will find in Philadelphia, if not the world!

No matter what level runner you are, this is the run for you. Lets say you are a beginner and your max is a 5K or 10K; this race is definitely for you. This is the perfect race to take you to the next level. Sure you will be tired and exhausted, running 10 miles is not meant to be easy. But at the same time you wont be fighting the rolling hills of the river loop or Tyler State Park. Having also ran the Oddyssey Half this year, trust me the last thing you want after 12 miles of running is a steep hill.

If you’re a beginner this run will help take your running to the next level without fighting a difficult course. Maybe your goal is to run a half marathon. Run the Broad Street in May and you will be running the Oddyssey Half Marathon in June. Broad Street is like dipping your toe into the 10+ mile running pool versus a cannon ball. We created a 10 week beginners training plan for the Broad Street Run here.

How about if you are an experienced runner? This is also a great run to continue to keep up with that long run schedule, but rest the calves a little bit. If you’re an experienced runner you know what I mean. Philadelphia has plenty of runs to make good use of your hill training. It’s good to get in a run once in awhile that doesn’t have you feeling like you are climbing the Manayunk wall. Trust me, the river loop isn’t going anywhere too soon, you have plenty of time to get back there. broad-street-run-street

Lastly this race is just cool. Do you know how busy broad street is? It’s 4 lanes of traffic going north and south without stopping, in one of the most busy cities in the world. It is tough to truly explain how awesome is it to look out in front of you and see nothing but miles and miles of runners heading down broad street. There aren’t very many opportunities to run through city hall, the navy yard and south Philly. These things are not common, and you need to take advantage of that scenery.

There are tons of reasons to run this race. Which makes sense why it is so popular. In 2014 40,000+ runners came out for this run and so many more wanted to get in. You NEED to run this race. For whatever level runner you are, there is a reason this race is a can’t miss.


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